ifc “Wonders of the Ocean” campaign site
August 21st, 2019
Website Work

We designed a website for ifc mall’s “Wonders of the Ocean” campaign. This website allows users to experience underwater adventure with floating 3D blue whale and discover some fun facts through interaction design.

Web design and front-end development: pill & pillow

Visit the ifc “Wonders of the Ocean” campaign site here

我們為 ifc 商場設計了全新活動網站 —「奧妙海洋」。

網頁設計及前台開發:pill & pillow

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HKDA Global Design Awards
December 13th, 2018

8 of our works have been shortlisted for the 3 categories of HKDA Global Design Awards this year.

Consumer & Promotional Websites:
Very Hong Kong Very Hong Kong, ifc Harmonic Motion, ifc Chinese New Year, ifc Meet The T.REX

Corporate Websites:
T · PARK, pill & pillow, Very Hong Kong Very Hong Kong

Moving Image Design:
Shadow Harp

我們於今年 HKDA 環球設計大獎中的 3 個類別共有 8 件入圍作品。

「好香港好香港」網站,ifc Harmonic Motion 網站,ifc 新年網站,ifc Meet The T.REX 網站

T · PARK [源 · 區] 網站,pill & pillow 網站,「好香港好香港」網站

Shadow Harp

ifc Christmas 2018
November 30th, 2018

Ho Ho Ho! This holiday season, we present the festive event site for Northern Lights Santa Academy at ifc mall. Surround yourself with snow and enjoy an imaginative journey with the Santa Claus.

Design and development: pill & pillow

Visit the ifc Christmas 2018 website here

我們為 ifc 商場設計了聖誕活動網站,今年主題是北歐聖誕老人學院「Santa Academy」。讓生動的聖誕老人學員和立體雪景,帶來一個歡樂的聖誕!Ho Ho Ho !

網頁設計及製作:pill & pillow

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October 26th, 2018

K11 ARTUS is the first hospitality extension of K11. We developed the website and provide UX consultancy and design.

Web Design / Cinematography / Graphic Design: Anonymous
UX Consultant / Development: pill & pillow

Visit K11 ARTUS here

K11 ARTUS 是 K11 的酒店企劃。我們為項目製作網站,負責 UX 設計及效果開發。

網頁設計 / 動態攝影 / 平面設計:Anonymous
技術顧問 / 開發:pill & pillow

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October 9th, 2018

Last week in Las Vegas, our creative director Henry joined the LIA jury panel of Chinese Creativity.
上周於拉斯維加斯,我們的創意總監 Henry 擔任倫敦國際獎 LIA 華文創意組評審。

Media Display for Determinant
September 14th, 2018

We’ve designed the media display for Determinant.
We created a motion graphic focused on type, in a swift rhythm.
The video promotes the shirt features which comes in 71 different sizes, is wash-and-wear and in simplicity.

Motion / Music Design: pill & pillow

我們為十如仕 Determinant 設計了全新的店內動態展示。

我們以快速的文字和圖像,去表達 “簡”而不單、免燙和71個尺碼。

動態設計 / 音樂設計:pill & pillow

Hanzi Exhibition
June 22nd, 2018
Exhibition Installation

Henry was invited to create an interactive work for the Hanzi Exhibition. The work transform body motion to character strokes of his Chinese name “行”, letting everyone create their own version of “行”.

Hanzi Exhibition
Date:21.6 – 10.7.2018
Venue:QUBE, 2/F, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central
Time:10:00 – 20:00

Henry 最近獲邀參與「漢字展」,並以他的名字「行」創作了新的互動作品 。
展出作品「身體力行」,是利用身體動作去創造不同的 行 字。


May 18th, 2018

We’ve designed the website for DET, a shirt specialist with the philosophy of “Doing One Thing Really Well”.

Its mission is to design a shirt tailored for the Asian physique. The website promotes the shirt design, which comes is 48 sizes, and is easy to maintain. languages.

Website Design & Front-End development: pill & pillow
Visual identity: c plus c workshop

Visit Determinant here


網站設計及前台開發:pill & pillow
視覺系統:c plus c workshop


May 11th, 2018

We have redesigned the website for Darlie.

Generic stock photos are abandoned in favor of lifestyle images showing people with genuine smiles, to build a new, refreshing brand image. The design is rolling out to numerous Asian markets, and the site was conceived to accommodate different content across multiple regions and languages.

Website Design & Front-End development: pill & pillow
Back-End development: K2
Photographer: Studio TM

Visit Darlie here


網站設計及前台開發:pill & pillow
攝影:Studio TM


April 20th, 2018

We designed a website for Loupe.

A loupe is a magnifying glass mostly used by jewellers and watchmakers. Inspired by the act of looking closely at a jewellery box, we used circles to obscure objects and create focus. By using simple art direction and shapes, we offer an unconventional experience to intrigue visitors to look closer.

Design and Front-End development: pill & pillow
Back-End development: Sampras

Visit Loupe here

我們為 Loupe 設計了全新網站。

Loupe 是珠寶手錶業常用的放大鏡。靈感來自觀察首飾盒的細節,大膽地用圓形呈現集中和失焦的效果,以簡潔形狀和設計創作出破格的介面。

網站設計及前台開發:pill & pillow

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