HKDA Global Design Awards
December 13th, 2018

8 of our works have been shortlisted for the 3 categories of HKDA Global Design Awards this year.

Consumer & Promotional Websites:
Very Hong Kong Very Hong Kong, ifc Harmonic Motion, ifc Chinese New Year, ifc Meet The T.REX

Corporate Websites:
T · PARK, pill & pillow, Very Hong Kong Very Hong Kong

Moving Image Design:
Shadow Harp

我們於今年 HKDA 環球設計大獎中的 3 個類別共有 8 件入圍作品。

「好香港好香港」網站,ifc Harmonic Motion 網站,ifc 新年網站,ifc Meet The T.REX 網站

T · PARK [源 · 區] 網站,pill & pillow 網站,「好香港好香港」網站

Shadow Harp