Cathay Pacific — The Artmap Project
January 12th, 2017
Art Website Work

We worked with McCann to help Cathay Pacific create The Artmap Project, which uses an algorithm to create a unique piece of artwork for Marco Polo Club members, based on their flight history on Cathay Pacific and Dragon. Each member will receive a 20-second long animation on their birthday.

The animated art map consists of strokes and dots, representing the member’s flights and destinations respectively. No matter how many there are, or how they are distributed, the algorithm ensures the art piece still looks aesthetically pleasing. With over a million club members, even for people with the same flight history, no two art maps are the same.

Concept, Creative direction, Campaign website design & development: McCann Cathay Pacific Central Team
Artwork creation and programming: pill & pillow
CRM system: ICLP

我們和 McCann 合作為國泰航空製作「藝術航圖」,根據每位馬可孛羅會員的飛行紀錄,產生獨一無二的藝術品。完成品是一段約二十秒的動畫,在會員生日時送上。


概念,網站設計及開發:McCann 國泰航空團隊
藝術創作,系統開發:pill & pillow