ifc 6PMusic 2017
March 9th, 2017
Website Work

We have created a website to promote ifc mall’s music event, 6PMusic.

Using 3PM/4PM/5PM as the website intro, the performance is a relaxing musical event people will look forward to after a long day.

The website has an automatic scroll effect to take the visitor through the content gradually, while a video plays in the background. This helps make browsing the site feel more like a movie-watching experience, as we want to position the performance as more than a typical mall event, but as something like a musical festival.

Aside from standard biographies, we introduce the performers using existing photos and musical works they have put on social media, to give the visitor a more personal understanding of the musicians.

Design and development: pill & pillow

Visit the ifc mall 6PMusic website here

我們為ifc商場的音樂活動 6PMusic 設計及製作網站。

我們用 3PM/4PM/5PM 作為引入,帶出等待放工的心情,而 6PMusic 就是六時後可以放鬆欣賞的音樂表演。



網頁設計及製作:pill & pillow

按此前往ifc 6PMusic網站