ifc Christmas 2016
December 9th, 2016
Website Work

We have created a mini-site for the Christmas campaign by the ifc shopping mall. Their 2016 theme is “The Polar Resort”, so we created digital environments in which the animals celebrate their Christmas, based on the mall’s decorations.

Design and development: pill & pillow

Visit the ifc Christmas 2016 website here

我們為 ifc 商場設計了全新聖誕活動網站。為了呼應”Polar Resort”的主題,我們把商場內的裝飾繪畫成不同場景,讓北極的動物玩樂和慶祝聖誕。

網頁設計及製作:pill & pillow

按此前往 ifc 聖誕2016網站