ifc Christmas 2017 Photo Booth
December 29th, 2017
Installation Work

We designed a photo booth experience for ifc mall’s Christmas campaign. This year’s theme is “Christmas in Space”, so we use face tracking technology to map players’ faces onto vintage space travel illustrations, to create humorous animated posters.

Design / Development / Illustration / Animation: pill & pillow
Set design: Orient Unlimited

我們為 ifc 商場聖誕活動設計了 photo booth 遊戲。今年以懷舊太空之旅為題材,我們用面部追蹤技術,把實時面孔投放在復古風格插畫,讓玩家成為動畫海報的主角。

設計/開發/插畫/動畫:pill & pillow
場景設計:Orient Unlimited