ifc Sketch Town
July 12th, 2017
Website Work

We have created a website for the new event at ifc – Sketch Town. Developed by renowned Japanese art collective teamLab, the interactive digital installation lets people of all ages visualize their sketches brought to life as part of the colourful 3D landscape.

Design and development: pill & pillow

Visit the ifc Sketch Town website here

我們為 ifc 商場設計了全新活動網站,介紹由日本著名藝術團隊 teamLab 開發的 Sketch Town,把每個參加者的素描注入色彩及活動,建成立體的虛擬城鎮。

網頁設計及製作:pill & pillow

按此前往 ifc Sketch Town網站