November 24th, 2016
Website Work

IPSA — DECODE ME is a campaign that collects users’ self-portraits, analyzes their skin data, and predicts their “fate”.

As the technical consultant, we were mainly responsible for the animation design and website development.

To ensure the animation plays at 60FPS on mobile, it was built with WebGL, and we used buffer geometry to animate nearly 2000 polygons on screen smoothly.

Concept / Graphic Design / Copywriting: AllRightsReserved
Technical Consultant / Animation / Development: pill & pillow

Visit IPSA — DECODE ME here

IPSA — DECODE ME 是一個推廣活動,透過分析用家的自拍照,收集皮膚數據,預視用家「未來命運」。


為了動畫在手機上達到 60 FPS 流暢度,我們不但使用了 WebGL,更使用 buffer geometry 技術,讓接近2000個 polygon 流暢地顯示。

技術顧問/動畫/開發:pill & pillow

按此前往 IPSA — DECODE ME 網站

過往作品也使用過面孔多邊形化的設計(Squeal, 2011 / Painted Face, 2012)

4A China 作品徵求網站也用過類似技術,但尚未使用 buffer geometry,最多只能應付約700個多邊形的設計。