April 20th, 2018

We designed a website for Loupe.

A loupe is a magnifying glass mostly used by jewellers and watchmakers. Inspired by the act of looking closely at a jewellery box, we used circles to obscure objects and create focus. By using simple art direction and shapes, we offer an unconventional experience to intrigue visitors to look closer.

Design and Front-End development: pill & pillow
Back-End development: Sampras

Visit Loupe here

我們為 Loupe 設計了全新網站。

Loupe 是珠寶手錶業常用的放大鏡。靈感來自觀察首飾盒的細節,大膽地用圓形呈現集中和失焦的效果,以簡潔形狀和設計創作出破格的介面。

網站設計及前台開發:pill & pillow

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