Modern Times: A Protobia of Ideal and Reality
November 17th, 2017

Henry has been invited to participate in the new media art exhibition ‘Modern Times: A Protobia of Ideal and Reality’, to be held at V Gallery, Shenzhen, during which his exhibit will be on display. He will be one of the guest speakers at the opening lecture.

Henry 獲邀參與 2017 深港城市\建築雙城雙年展外圍展 ──「萬物成長」萬科公共藝術季的首個大型展覽「摩登時代:理想與現實的進托邦」,期間將會展出作品, 並於 11 月 18 號到深圳 V Gallery 擔任開幕講堂的嘉賓。


日期:2017.11.18 – 12.18
地點:萬科·深南道68號42層 V Gallery
參展藝術家:樊克明、高少康、黃盟欽、雷磊、五條人 & 陳侗、王略、熊超、XCEED、又一山人、應歆珣、朱力行

開幕講堂:2017.11.18 18:00 – 20:35