The Five Colors Blind the Eyes – Soundtracking #JohnCage4’33” exhibition
November 2nd, 2012
Art Exhibition Installation

Henry created the work “The Five Colors Blind the Eyes” for Soundtracking #JohnCage4’33” exhibition. The work exhibits in K11 from 1st Nov 2012 to 11th Nov 2012.
The Five Colors Blind the Eyes
The work 4’33” by John Cage performed 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence and tranquility. Without the use of any instruments, the natural occurrences of sounds in the environment become auditory. From Chapter 12 of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, “The five colors blind the eyes. The five tones deafen the ears.” Seeking for sounds of the melodic results in a dampened sense of hearing; the eagerness to hear results in deaf of the truth and whole. “The five colors blind the eyes” is a website that changes its color 50 times per second, aiming to create a dizzying effect – behind the flamboyant colors are, in fact, a torture for the eyes.
John Cage 作品 4′33″ 演繹了 4分33秒的寂靜。沒有樂器,但反而聽到了環境中自然存在的聲音。《老子》十二章中的 「五色令人目盲,五音令人耳聾」,也在說過於追求精彩的樂音,反而會令聽覺遲鈍。追求聽得到的,反而聽不到更真和更多。「五色令人盲」是一個1 秒 50 次的顏色變化的網站,目的是制造目眩的效果。美艷色彩背後,其實是對眼睛的折磨。
Venue: Tsim Sha Tsui K11 Art Mall B2
Exhibition Period: 1st November-11th November (12 Noon-10 pm Everyday)
Free Admission
地點: 尖沙咀 K11 購物藝術館
展出時間: 11月1日至11日 (中午12時至下午10時)

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