Spinning Dress – Fête en Papier
May 13th, 2013
Art Exhibition Installation

Spinning Dress is a kinetic sculpture Henry created for the Fête en Papier exhibition.

“The idea comes from my daughter’s Hippie Stick toy – it transforms into beautiful forms while spinning at different speeds. I want to create an installation to portray the elegance and diverse transformations of the French fashion, hence the idea of Spinning dress” – Henry

搖搖裙是 Henry 為紙藝展覽而創作的動態雕塑。

“概念來自女兒的玩具 Hippie Stick, 當旋轉時變化出優美的型態,我想可不可以做一個裝置去表現法國的時裝典雅同時又有無窮的變化。於是便有了搖搖裙的概念。” ﹣ Henry