十如論壇 Integral Conversation 2017
July 21st, 2017
Website Work

We have created a website for Integral Conversation 2017. It is an annual forum organized by Esquel group, that brings experts from different industries together for a discussion on sustainable development.

The website features an animated background built with HTML5 Canvas, which will rotate as the user scrolls down the page, and transitions into different visuals depending on the section. The graphics echo this year’s theme on Health, and the circular form is a continuation of the visual identity from past years.

Design and development: pill & pillow

Visit Integral Conversation here


我們用 HTML5 Canvas 做網站背景,當用家滾動網站時,圓形會根據內容而轉變,呈現不同過場動畫,呼應今年關於健康的主題。我們提出一些假設性問題作為引入,用圓形的構圖延續往年十如的視覺元素。

設計及製作:pill & pillow


ifc Sketch Town
July 12th, 2017
Website Work

We have created a website for the new event at ifc – Sketch Town. Developed by renowned Japanese art collective teamLab, the interactive digital installation lets people of all ages visualize their sketches brought to life as part of the colourful 3D landscape.

Design and development: pill & pillow

Visit the ifc Sketch Town website here

我們為 ifc 商場設計了全新活動網站,介紹由日本著名藝術團隊 teamLab 開發的 Sketch Town,把每個參加者的素描注入色彩及活動,建成立體的虛擬城鎮。

網頁設計及製作:pill & pillow

按此前往 ifc Sketch Town網站

Milü 密慮
May 26th, 2017
Website Work

We have created a mini website for PYE’s new independent publication, Milü. The design is adapted from the art direction of the printed book, which can be read entirely online.

The layouts are straightforward and mobile first, catering to modern reading habits. Appropriately, that is what Milü‘s first issue is about: the act of reading in this day and age.

Editor-in-Chief: Chang Tiehchih
Creative Direction & Book Design: Project Projects
Website Design & Development: pill & pillow

Visit Milü website here

我們為 PYE 的新獨立刊物《密慮》設計及製作網站,設計以實體書為基礎。

主編: 張鐵志
創意指導及書籍設計: Project Projects
網站設計及開發: pill & pillow


Creative Direction & Book Design by Project Projects

Public Education Game — The Smart Duo
April 25th, 2017

We have created a game for a client that educates the public on how to be smart and responsible financial consumers.

The user plays one of two special agents, chasing a criminal on a board-game-style map. There are 2 physical dice in front of the screen, and when the players throw them, the results will be translated onto the in-game virtual dice. A question regarding financial and banking-related services will pop up and bonus steps will be awarded if the question is answered correctly. The player who can correctly answer more questions will be able to move faster to catch the criminal and win the game.

The dice contain bluetooth sensors, allowing players to interact with the screen without using standard controllers. This interaction method, together with the playful characters and animation, makes the educational quiz come to life.

Game design and development: pill & pillow
Animation and sound design: Jonathan Mak
Environmental design: Oval Design




遊戲設計及製作:pill & pillow
動畫和聲音設計:Jonathan Mak
環境設計:Oval Design

ifc 6PMusic 2017
March 9th, 2017
Website Work

We have created a website to promote ifc mall’s music event, 6PMusic.

Using 3PM/4PM/5PM as the website intro, the performance is a relaxing musical event people will look forward to after a long day.

The website has an automatic scroll effect to take the visitor through the content gradually, while a video plays in the background. This helps make browsing the site feel more like a movie-watching experience, as we want to position the performance as more than a typical mall event, but as something like a musical festival.

Aside from standard biographies, we introduce the performers using existing photos and musical works they have put on social media, to give the visitor a more personal understanding of the musicians.

Design and development: pill & pillow

Visit the ifc mall 6PMusic website here

我們為ifc商場的音樂活動 6PMusic 設計及製作網站。

我們用 3PM/4PM/5PM 作為引入,帶出等待放工的心情,而 6PMusic 就是六時後可以放鬆欣賞的音樂表演。



網頁設計及製作:pill & pillow

按此前往ifc 6PMusic網站

Tai Kwun 大館
February 28th, 2017
Website Work

We have created the website for Tai Kwun (大館), a Hong Kong centre for heritage and art, offering a space for leisure and cultural experiences. This is a mobile-first website, designed with usability and simplicity in mind.

Design and development: pill & pillow
Visual identity: Marc & Chantal

Visit the Tai Kwun website here

我們為 Tai Kwun 大館設計及製作介紹網站。大館為香港的古蹟及藝術館,集文化和休憩於一身。這是一個以手機版本為先的設計,非常易用精簡。

網頁設計及製作:pill & pillow
視覺系統:Marc & Chantal


Crane for PYE CNY 2017
February 10th, 2017
Art Installation Work

We created a store front video for PYE’s CNY celebration with Henry’s brand new artwork Crane.

May you scale new heights and soar in the year of the Rooster.

Cathay Pacific — The Artmap Project
January 12th, 2017
Art Website Work

We worked with McCann to help Cathay Pacific create The Artmap Project, which uses an algorithm to create a unique piece of artwork for Marco Polo Club members, based on their flight history on Cathay Pacific and Dragon. Each member will receive a 20-second long animation on their birthday.

The animated art map consists of strokes and dots, representing the member’s flights and destinations respectively. No matter how many there are, or how they are distributed, the algorithm ensures the art piece still looks aesthetically pleasing. With over a million club members, even for people with the same flight history, no two art maps are the same.

Concept, Creative direction, Campaign website design & development: McCann Cathay Pacific Central Team
Artwork creation and programming: pill & pillow
CRM system: ICLP

我們和 McCann 合作為國泰航空製作「藝術航圖」,根據每位馬可孛羅會員的飛行紀錄,產生獨一無二的藝術品。完成品是一段約二十秒的動畫,在會員生日時送上。


概念,網站設計及開發:McCann 國泰航空團隊
藝術創作,系統開發:pill & pillow

ifc Christmas 2016
December 9th, 2016
Website Work

We have created a mini-site for the Christmas campaign by the ifc shopping mall. Their 2016 theme is “The Polar Resort”, so we created digital environments in which the animals celebrate their Christmas, based on the mall’s decorations.

Design and development: pill & pillow

Visit the ifc Christmas 2016 website here

我們為 ifc 商場設計了全新聖誕活動網站。為了呼應”Polar Resort”的主題,我們把商場內的裝飾繪畫成不同場景,讓北極的動物玩樂和慶祝聖誕。

網頁設計及製作:pill & pillow

按此前往 ifc 聖誕2016網站

November 24th, 2016
Website Work

IPSA — DECODE ME is a campaign that collects users’ self-portraits, analyzes their skin data, and predicts their “fate”.

As the technical consultant, we were mainly responsible for the animation design and website development.

To ensure the animation plays at 60FPS on mobile, it was built with WebGL, and we used buffer geometry to animate nearly 2000 polygons on screen smoothly.

Concept / Graphic Design / Copywriting: AllRightsReserved
Technical Consultant / Animation / Development: pill & pillow

Visit IPSA — DECODE ME here

IPSA — DECODE ME 是一個推廣活動,透過分析用家的自拍照,收集皮膚數據,預視用家「未來命運」。


為了動畫在手機上達到 60 FPS 流暢度,我們不但使用了 WebGL,更使用 buffer geometry 技術,讓接近2000個 polygon 流暢地顯示。

技術顧問/動畫/開發:pill & pillow

按此前往 IPSA — DECODE ME 網站

過往作品也使用過面孔多邊形化的設計(Squeal, 2011 / Painted Face, 2012)

4A China 作品徵求網站也用過類似技術,但尚未使用 buffer geometry,最多只能應付約700個多邊形的設計。

十如論壇 Integral Conversation 2016
August 19th, 2016
Website Work

We have created a website for Integral Conversation 2016. It is a forum organized by Esquel group, that brings experts from different industries together for a discussion on sustainable development.

The website features an animation built with HTML5 Canvas, showing separate dots that connect into lines, transforming into a globe in the end. It represents this year’s conference theme: individual countries coming together, making an collaborative effort to improve the world.

Design and development: pill & pillow
Visual identity: Stanley Wong

Visit Integral Conversation here


我們用 HTML5 Canvas 製作動畫,把獨立的點連成線,再匯聚成為地球的形狀,代表不同地區聯手為可持續發展出一分力,回應今年區域互通的主題。

設計及製作:pill & pillow
十如視覺系統:Stanley Wong


4A China Call for Entry 2016
August 18th, 2016
Website Work

We have created a call for entry mini-site for 4A China, which simulates the experience of talking to an AI persona, through preset dialogue that tells unique stories about top ad agencies in China.

The 3D AI character model is rendered with WebGL technology in real time.

The mini-site is designed to be viewed inside WeChat, but can be visited from normal mobile/desktop browsers.

Concept / Copywriting: Amber Shanghai
Design / Development / 3D animation: pill & pillow
Music and recording: tony&oni@sync music

Visit the 4A China Call for Entry website here

我們為中國 4A 金印獎設計作品徵求網站。網站模擬人工智能,透過數據和對話挑戰中國廣告界。

我們使用了WebGL 和 3D scanning技術,在手機上實時呈現 60 FPS 流暢度的動畫。

網站訪客以中國內地為主,大部分在 WeChat 內瀏覽,但也能在一般手機和桌面瀏覽器觀賞。

概念/文案:琥珀傳播 上海
設計/製作/3D動畫:pill & pillow
音樂/錄音:tony&oni@sync music


Harmonic Motion
July 29th, 2016
Website Work

We have created a mini-site for a special event organized by ifc, a leading shopping mall in Hong Kong. The exhibition features a large scale hand-knitted playground for people of all ages to enjoy, made by Japanese textile artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam.

Design and development: pill & pillow

Visit the Harmonic Motion website here

我們為 ifc 商場設計了全新活動網站,介紹紡織藝術家堀內紀子在香港製作的大型編織遊樂場「Harmonic Motion」。

網頁設計及製作:pill & pillow

按此前往 Harmonic Motion 網站

T · PARK [源 · 區] app
June 30th, 2016
App Work

We have designed a mobile app for T · PARK, a sludge treatment facility in Hong Kong open to the public for educational and recreational purposes.

The app introduces T · PARK through a lively illustrated map, which will be unlocked with more and more characters when QR codes across the facility are scanned, encouraging visitors to explore the facility on-site.

Design: pill & pillow
Unity development: pill & pillow
iOS and Android development: Innopage

我們為 T · PARK [源 · 區] 設計全新手機應用程式。T · PARK 是位於屯門稔灣的污泥處理中心,亦是推廣生態保育的教育休閒設施。

我們透過生動的動畫地圖介紹設施,並鼓勵參觀者實地探索,尋找 QR code 獲得隱藏貼紙和人物。

設計:pill & pillow
Unity 開發:pill & pillow
iOS 及 Android 開發:Innopage

T · PARK [源 · 區]
May 23rd, 2016
Website Work

We have designed the website for T · PARK, a sludge treatment facility in Hong Kong open to the public for educational and recreational purposes.

In Hong Kong, around 1200 tonnes of sludge is produced everyday as a byproduct of the sewage treatment process. T · PARK burns the sludge and reduces its volume by 90%. The electricity and water generated in the process goes back to sustain the facility’s operation.

Design and development: pill & pillow
Naming and visual identity: Milkxhake

Visit the T · PARK website here

我們為 T · PARK [源 · 區] 設計及製作全新網站。

T · PARK 是位於屯門稔灣的污泥處理中心,亦是推廣生態保育的教育休閒設施。

香港每天污水處理過程產生約 1200 噸污泥。T · PARK 利用焚化爐讓污泥體積減少九成,過程產生的電力和水則可以供應設施本身運作,自給自足。
網頁設計及製作:pill & pillow

按此前往 T · PARK 網站

April 27th, 2016
Website Work

We have redesigned a responsive website for ifc, one of the iconic world-class shopping mall in Hong Kong. We decided to take an image driven approach to showcase the beauty of ifc. The website features an extensive shopping directory, dining directory, movie options and a tile based interactive floorplan.

Creative direction: pill & pillow and Stanley Wong
Design and front-end development: pill & pillow
Map illustration: Johnny Chan
Back-end development: WEEWUNGWUNG

Visit the ifc website here.

PYE 2015
December 18th, 2015
Website Work

We have updated the website for PYE, a shirt specialist brand.

2 years ago, we helped relaunch PYE’s brand with a new website. Now, we have updated it to reflect PYE’s latest identity design, showcasing their shirt-making process in a stylish, fashionable way. Beyond a visual refresh, we also focus on providing more in-depth information about the shirts, as PYE’s philosophy comes from the quality within their products.

Visit PYE’s website here

Design and development: pill & pillow
Identity design: Project Projects
Photography: Francis Chen, Thomas Lohr
Shirt illustrations: Kaliz Lee

December 14th, 2015
Website Work

We have created a website for Openskools.

Openskools is a Hong Kong education database. The website contains comprehensive information of over 6,000 educational institutions in Hong Kong, and displays them in a clear, consistent layout for easy comparison. Drawing from graduates data, Openskools can generate unique roadmaps for each school to help parents and students plan their study path.

Deciding on the right school can be difficult, but with our website, we hope to make it a little easier.

Design and front-end development: pill & pillow
Visual identity: Sandy Choi Associates
Back-end development: Innopage

Visit Openskools’ website here.

HKU Faculty of Architecture
October 30th, 2015
Website Work

We have redesigned the website of the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Architecture.

To rethink the structure of a conventional university website, we have placed the faculty’s logo vertically at the centre. The split-screen approach separates the content from the navigation. The website menu is presented in layers, to let the user travel across multiple levels of content easily.

Design and development: pill & pillow
Visual identity: Stanley Wong

Visit the Faculty of Architecture’s website here.

Design concept

Design concept

十如論壇 Integral Conversation
September 10th, 2015
Website Work

We have designed a website for 2015 Integral Conversation. Integral is a forum organized by Esquel group, that brings experts from different industries together for a discussion on sustainable development.

This year’s theme centres around the four necessities in life: Clothing, Food, Living, and Mobility, symbolized by the four concentric circles on the website. The circles are incomplete and always spinning, representing the imperfect state of reality, and our endless pursuit to make it better.

Design and development: pill & pillow
Visual identity: Stanley Wong

Visit Integral Conversation here

YSL Beauté – Pop Up Your Lips
May 4th, 2015
Installation Work

We designed and created a video display for YSLPopUpYourLips event. The 3×3 video wall fetches the latest 30 instagram photos tagged with #YSLPopUpYourLips, and composes a video using QuadTree algorithm.

Creative Direction: AllRightsReserved
Digital Instagram Wall: pill&pillow
Photographer: Leslie Kee
Stylist: Sean K
Make-up: Zing & YSL Team
Hair: Ryoji Imaizumi

Ronald Abram
April 30th, 2015
Website Work

We have redesigned Ronald Abram’s website.
Ronald Abram is renowned for stones that are admired for their unique beauty. The company’s founder, Ronald Abram, and his sons Jonathan (‘JJ’) and Jordan, proudly offer a purist’s approach to the appreciation of fine jewels, inspired by extensive experience having handled some of the world’s most extraordinary stones.
Visit Ronald Abram here.

PYE Defining White
October 23rd, 2014
Website Work

We have created a campaign website for PYE, celebrating its 30 years of shirt craftsmanship.

The philosophy of white is sophisticated.
The definition of white is singular, yet contains a broad spectrum of meanings.
Defining White celebrates the color by letting the crowd contribute and appreciate the different meanings of white. We used different images of white from both nature and our living environments to let viewers realize, appreciate, and provide meanings for the color white.

Visit Defining White here.

Bebegarten Education Centre
September 11th, 2014
Website Work

Bebegarten is a place for children to explore, discover, and learn about the world we live in.

We have redesigned a responsive website for Bebegarten Education Centre. We used time-lapse videos to capture their playful and enriched learning experiences, as well as to showcase their spacious activity areas and classrooms where children can learn through play.

The identity is designed by Sandy Choi Associates Limited.

Visit Bebegarten Education Centre here.

HMVideal concept store
August 15th, 2014
Art Installation Work

We designed and created a number of items in the new HMVideal concept store.

Digital Lyrics
Concept: Stanley Wong, Joey Ho, Henry Chu
Creative Direction: Stanley Wong
Interior Design: Joey Ho
Design and development: pill & pillow

Original artwork: Henry Chu
Creative Direction: Stanley Wong

Digital Chart
Concept: Henry Chu, Stanley Wong, Joey Ho
Design: pill & pillow
Development: Innopage

June 6th, 2014
Website Work

We have designed and produced the new official website for PMQ.

After two years in the making, the former Police Married Quarters has been revitalised into a new creative hub at the heart of Central, with a collection of studios, stores, and restaurants.

Because PMQ consists of many independent brands, we approached the project with a shopping-mall-like structure in mind, plus a magazine style of storytelling. Together with an illustrated floor plan of the stores, we hope the website can allow visitors to explore PMQ’s space with style.

Design and development: pill & pillow
Creative Director: Stanley Wong, Henry Chu
Illustration: Justin Wong


「PMQ元創方」在經過兩年的活化工程後,現已由前荷李活道已婚警察宿舍演變為成位於中環 SOHO 區的創意設計集中地,由工作室、店舖,餐廳,及表演場地組成。

由於PMQ內的店鋪多數由獨立品牌組成,所以我們以商場網站為骨幹,加入雜誌式的介紹,用插畫形式呈現店鋪地圖,讓大眾以充滿個性的方式探索 PMQ 的空間。

設計及製作: pill & pillow
創作總監:Stanley Wong, Henry Chu
插畫: Justin Wong

深业上城 UpperHills
May 15th, 2014
Website Work

We designed a website for UpperHills – a large-scale urban complex based in Shenzhen.

The main page is composed of twelve sections, each named by a single Chinese character.
Each section provides an immersive experience of “Upper Living” to the visitors, as if they are exploring the actual show suites.

Design and development: pill & pillow
Branding consultant: Stanley Wong
Photography of the show suites: Jonathan Leijonhufvud
Visual effects consultant: Centro Digital Pictures



設計及製作: pill & pillow
品牌形象顧問:Stanley Wong
展示中心建築攝影:Jonathan Leijonhufvud
視覺效果顧問:Centro Digital Pictures

May 8th, 2014
Website Work

We designed and built the website for PYE.
PYE is a shirt specialist. Their products are made, tailored, produced and styled by their own team.

My Theatre Photo Booth
April 14th, 2014
Installation Work

We collaborated with TURN to create “My Theatre Photo Booth”, an interactive kiosk to promote the new image of the shopping mall Lee Theatre. Based on the visitor’s outfit, the photo booth can generate a custom My Theatre icon, which can be downloaded via a QR code and shared across social media.

April 4th, 2014
Website Work

We have created the website for NEONSIGNS.HK. The identity is designed by gardens&co.

It is an online exhibition presented by M+, the museum for visual culture as part of the West Kowloon Cultural District. The website contains essays, videos, galleries, and a timeline documenting the history of neon signs, but in particular — we have created an interactive map that crowdsources photos of neon signs submitted by the public.

Visit NEONSIGNS.HK here.

New World Development
February 14th, 2014
Website Work

New World Development Company Limited is a world-leading conglomerate based in Hong Kong with big vision of building a better society through innovation and sustainable growth.

We partnered with Coconut Inc. and took the challenge of creating a bold corporate website which envisions the client’s goal of pursuing a “Brave New World”. Over the last six months, we greatly involved in the branding process and worked closely with Coconut to improve the architecture of the website as well as providing a good online communication platform for client and their shareholders.

It is one of the most comprehensive corporate websites that we have ever designed and the experience is rewarding to both client and us.

January 16th, 2014
Website Work

We designed and built the website for I AM HERE – The giant panda art & charity project, which is curated by AllRightsReserved.

January 8th, 2014
Website Work

We have created the website for WCWP. The identity and art direction is designed by Sandy Choi Associates.

WCWP International Ltd is a leading architectural consultancy firm.

Lane Crawford – Autumn/Winter 2013 interactive game
December 24th, 2013
Website Work

We’ve created an interactive game for Lane Crawford.

Client: Lane Crawford
Concept, Design: pill & pillow
Programming: Razorfish Shanghai
Photography: Patrick Demarchelier

Silver Lining Productions
October 25th, 2013
Website Work

We’ve created the website for Silver Lining Productions. The identity and art direction is designed by Sandy Choi Associates.

ROCCO Design Architects
June 17th, 2013
Website Work

We’ve created the website for ROCCO Design Architects. We took 2 years to design and build the interactive HTML website for the renowned architect Rocco Yim.

Link: http://www.rocco.hk/

December 5th, 2012
Website Work

We’ve created the website for M+ MATTERS. The event includes 2 public symposiums “Asian Design: Histories, Collecting, Curating” and “Histories and Individual Practices of Contemporary Ink Art”. A series of public talks exploring critical issue with key players in the fields of visual art, design, architecture and the moving image.

We designed a special navigation, it spins around the content.

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Program : pill & pillow
Booklet Design: Garden&Co.

Link: http://www.mplusmatters.hk/

December 3rd, 2012
Website Work

We created the website MvsW for Nike. It is a running competition between men and women. After they registered with Nike+, their data are gathered and visualized on the website. They can compare their running stats with other runners and celebrities.

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Program : pill & pillow
Logo, Art Direction of Main Visual: Benny Luk (Sixstation)
Copywriting: McCann Erickson
Video: Papajay Pictures

Link: http://www.nike.com.hk/MvsW

Lane Crawford – Fashion Night Out
September 30th, 2012
App Installation Work

We’ve created an iPad app for “Lane Crawford – Fashion Night Out”. The lucky draw programme stores customer’s data and generates a coupon through an interactive experience which resembles the campaign’s video directed by Nick Knight.

Hong Kong Design Legacy and Beyond – The 70 Fruitful Years of Kan Tai-keung
September 27th, 2012
Website Work

We’ve created the website of “The 70 Fruitful Year of Kan Tai-keung”. The event includes 3 exhibitions and feature 35 designers who create new works in response to “Uncle Kan”‘s design and artworks.
Link: http://www.kandesign70.com/

School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong
August 30th, 2012
Website Work

School of Creative Media from City University of Hong Kong, renewed their faculty site. Presented a new approach to media school website interface with a moving background. The background was generated based on the new campus’s architectural slope and form unpredictable shape. The research websites ALiVE lab and ACIM also share the same design, however different color schemes were applied to differentiate from the School website.
Link: http://www.scm.cityu.edu.hk/

Mobile version of the website

Design, I Say
August 22nd, 2012
Website Work

Design, I Say” 是我們最新作品,是一個網上平台,讓大家發表對設計的想法。
概念上我們用了 “Forgotten War” 中留言版配合地圖的想念。每一個留言都會變成了一張便利貼,並用便利貼拼出一個香港的地圖。留言可以是關於文化、生活、思維或未來等等,也可以在這個平台發表。
Link: Design, I Say

Henry 早前接受了本地字體設計師 Julius Hui 於《Milk》雜誌專欄的訪問,訪問已於今期刊出。

Mobile M+: Yau Ma Tei
May 23rd, 2012
App Work

We designed and created an iPhone app for Mobile M+.

Mobile M+: Yau Ma Tei is the first “nomadic” contemporary art exhibition curated by M+, the new museum for visual culture in the West Kowloon Cultural District.

我們為M+進行設計和製作的iPhone app

March 1st, 2012
Website Work

We’ve redesigned the website for Off-Lo-Hi. Using canvas and CSS3D transform, it allows us to re-create the similar style and effects as in the previous flash version. The website is best viewed with latest Safari/Chrome.

Link: http://www.offlohi.com/

100% iPad compatible, including the smooth 3D effects and page transitions

Hong Kong Design Year 2012
January 18th, 2012
Website Work

Our very first project in collaboration with Mr. Sandy Choi and we proudly present – Hong Kong Design Year 2012 !

The Painted Face
January 16th, 2012
App Art Work

Developed by Henry Chu and Samson Young.
Commission by M+, Hong Kong’s new Museum of Visual Cultural for the 2012 West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre Exhibition.

available for **FREE** download now!!!

App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-painted-face/id493845348?mt=8

Lane Crawford – Wrapped With Love
November 29th, 2011
App Installation Work

‘Wrapped with Love’ Winter Programme’s Interactive Lucky Draw. The line cutting action was orginated from Henry’s work Squiggle.