New website 2017
December 22nd, 2017

We’ve redesigned our portfolio website. Using a short, conversational style, our text-based layout shows you information in chunks, letting you explore our 100+ works bit by bit.

新網站設計給 ”初次見面” 的人,以簡短對話介紹我們。每次打開的內容只有一丁點,一層一層餵給不想看長文的人。我們有超過 100 個作品,我們希望大家能逗留長一點,多看幾個作品。

Very Hong Kong Very Hong Kong – Best Award in GDC 2017
December 15th, 2017

GDC 從7000多件作品選出9個最佳大獎。我們設計的「好香港好香港」網站獲選其中之一。

GDC (Graphic Design in China) 雙年展於1992年創立,是中國其中一個最具代表性的設計獎項。

(T.PARK、ifc 6PMusic 和 Shadow Harp 亦獲入圍獎)

Our Very Hong Kong Very Hong Kong website received a Best Award (最佳大獎) in the RGB-Multimedia category at GDC 2017 (Graphic Design in China). GDC is one of the most well-established and influential design awards in China, receiving over 7,000 submissions this year across 13 categories. Only 9 entries received a Best Award.

(T.PARK, ifc 6PMusic, and Shadow Harp were also shortlisted)

New identity
December 1st, 2017

We’ve redesigned our identity to display what’s important, and cut out the rest. We try not to waste people’s time with nonsense, both online and offline.

我們重新設計了自家的 identity。目標是很忙和沒有耐性的人,放大重點,去除不必要的雜訊。把這個申延到線下,便會是這樣。

Modern Times: A Protobia of Ideal and Reality
November 17th, 2017

Henry has been invited to participate in the new media art exhibition ‘Modern Times: A Protobia of Ideal and Reality’, to be held at V Gallery, Shenzhen, during which his exhibit will be on display. He will be one of the guest speakers at the opening lecture.

Henry 獲邀參與 2017 深港城市\建築雙城雙年展外圍展 ──「萬物成長」萬科公共藝術季的首個大型展覽「摩登時代:理想與現實的進托邦」,期間將會展出作品, 並於 11 月 18 號到深圳 V Gallery 擔任開幕講堂的嘉賓。


日期:2017.11.18 – 12.18
地點:萬科·深南道68號42層 V Gallery
參展藝術家:樊克明、高少康、黃盟欽、雷磊、五條人 & 陳侗、王略、熊超、XCEED、又一山人、應歆珣、朱力行

開幕講堂:2017.11.18 18:00 – 20:35

siteInspire – 好香港 好香港 Very Hong Kong Very Hong Kong
October 6th, 2017

最近我們的作品 「好香港 好香港」siteInspire 收錄了。
siteInspire 是一個網頁設計目錄,收錄一些簡約和有前瞻性的網站,是我們每天必讀。

Our work “Very Hong Kong Very Hong Kong” has been featured on siteInspire.

Golden Pin Design Award
September 22nd, 2017

ifc 6PMusic and Cathay Pacific — The Artmap Project have been selected to receive a coveted Design Mark from Golden Pin Design Award 2017. They are in the running for the Best Design trophy, to be announced in early December.

ifc 6PMusic 網站和為國泰航空製作的「藝術航圖」獲得2017年金點設計獎標章,並入圍角逐於12月初頒獎典禮揭曉的「年度最佳設計獎」。

August 18th, 2017
Installation Lab


(技術建基於 Jason Saragih 研發的 FaceTracker C++ library,和 Kyle McDonald 的 ofxFaceTracker)

Testing face tracking technology that maps live camera footage to video clips. To make the effect more seamless, the edges of the face are softened, and the skin tone is dynamically calculated to better match the video’s colors.

(Based on the FaceTracker C++ library developed by Jason Saragih, and Kyle McDonald’s ofxFaceTracker)⁠⁠⁠⁠

Summer Intern – VR Game
August 11th, 2017

Our summer intern Ellen has created some VR experiments and games.
由我們的暑期實習生 Ellen 製作的 VR 實驗和遊戲。

The Golden Pin Design Award and Macau Design Biennial — 16 works shortlisted
August 4th, 2017

16 of our works have been shortlisted for the Golden Pin Design Award and Macau Design Biennial this year.

Golden Pin Design Award:
T · PARK, ifc mall, ifc 6PMusic, Tai Kwun, Integral Conversation, HKU Faculty of Architecture

Macau Design Biennial:
T · PARK, ifc mall, ifc 6PMusic,ifc Harmonic Motion minisite, ifc Christmas 2016 minisite, PYE Shirts, Tai Kwun, Shadow Harp, Integral Conversation, HKU Faculty of Architecture


源 · 區網站,香港國際金融中心商場網站,香港國際金融中心商場 6PMusic 網站,大館網站,十如論壇網站,香港大學建築系網站

源 · 區網站,香港國際金融中心商場網站,香港國際金融中心商場 6PMusic 網站,香港國際金融中心商場 Harmonic Motion 網站,香港國際金融中心商場 2016 聖誕節網站,PYE Shirts 網站,大館網站,《影子豎琴》互動裝置,十如論壇網站,香港大學建築系網站

好香港 好香港 Very Hong Kong Very Hong Kong
July 28th, 2017

We have created a website for the exhibition “Very Hong Kong Very Hong Kong”
which is co-curated by Alan Chan & Anothermountainman.

We created an interactive turn based conversation, pairing and mixing the very local and very best of Hong Kong design.

The split face concept comes from a classic album cover designed by Alan Chan in 1983.

Visit Very Hong Kong Very Hong Kong here

Creative Direction: pill & pillow
Curator: Alan Chan, Anothermountainman
Website Design & Development: pill & pillow
Interview Production and Directing: pill & pillow
Research Support and Copywriting: Amy Chow

我們為「好香港 好香港」製作網站。

我們讓兩位策展人輪流介紹 好香港(很本地) 和 好香港(好設計) 的展品,和選擇它們的原因。


創意指導: pill & pillow
策展: 陳幼堅, 又一山人
網站設計及開發: pill & pillow
訪問拍攝及導演: pill & pillow
資料搜集及文案: 周婉美

按此前往「好香港 好香港」網站