November 24th, 2016
Website Work

IPSA — DECODE ME is a campaign that collects users’ self-portraits, analyzes their skin data, and predicts their “fate”.

As the technical consultant, we were mainly responsible for the animation design and website development.

To ensure the animation plays at 60FPS on mobile, it was built with WebGL, and we used buffer geometry to animate nearly 2000 polygons on screen smoothly.

Concept / Graphic Design / Copywriting: AllRightsReserved
Technical Consultant / Animation / Development: pill & pillow

Visit IPSA — DECODE ME here

IPSA — DECODE ME 是一個推廣活動,透過分析用家的自拍照,收集皮膚數據,預視用家「未來命運」。


為了動畫在手機上達到 60 FPS 流暢度,我們不但使用了 WebGL,更使用 buffer geometry 技術,讓接近2000個 polygon 流暢地顯示。

技術顧問/動畫/開發:pill & pillow

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過往作品也使用過面孔多邊形化的設計(Squeal, 2011 / Painted Face, 2012)

4A China 作品徵求網站也用過類似技術,但尚未使用 buffer geometry,最多只能應付約700個多邊形的設計。

Shadow Harp at 2016 ifva EVERYWHERE Carnival
September 29th, 2016
Exhibition Installation Music

Henry was recently invited to participate in the 2016 ifva EVERYWHERE Carnival.
The exhibited work was Shadow Harp.

Shadow Harp is an interactive installation that allows audience to perform music through their own body movements.

About the Exhibition:
Organised by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and exclusively funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the inaugural Jockey Club ifva Everywhere will bring you a series of exciting events, covering short films, videos, animation and media arts. Come and delve into the world of moving images, and explore boundless viewing experiences that build up the independent spirit and creative communities.

Exhibition Detail:
Date: 24-25 September (Sat-Sun)
Time: 13:00-22:00
Location: Event Space of Hong Kong Observation Wheel, Central

Henry 最近獲邀參與 2016 ifva Everywhere 影像嘉年華. 展出作品為 《影子豎琴》


由香港藝術中心主辦,香港賽馬會慈善信託基金獨家捐助,第一屆賽馬會 ifva EVERYWHERE Carnival 年度項目將呈獻連串精彩活動,涵蓋短片、錄像、動畫及媒體藝術,帶領大家暢遊影像世界,探索觀影經驗,旨在承傳獨立精神,連結創意社群。


Shan Shui – PYE store front video
September 23rd, 2016

We generated the beautiful Guilin landscape using various shirt movements and named it “Shan Shui (山水)”. This work is currently exhibited at all PYE stores.

此作品現正在所有 PYE 專門店展出。

Milk #792: ifva EVERYWHERE
September 22nd, 2016

Henry talks about his idea and inspiration behind the new playful artwork “Shadow Harp” which will be exhibited at the ifva EVERYWHERE Carnival this coming weekend (24-25 September). Shadow Harp is an interactive installation that allows audience to perform music through their own body movements. Come experience the brand new way of playing music with “Shadow Harp” at the ifva Carnival this weekend! Details listed below.

ifva EVERYWHERE Carnival
Date: 24-25 September (Sat-Sun)
Time: 13:00-22:00
Location: Event Space of Hong Kong Observation Wheel, Central
Admission: Free
Website: ifva website

Henry 與 Milk 暢談了他是次為 《ifva 影像嘉年華》創作的互動裝置《影子豎琴》背後的意念及其靈感來源。透過肢體動作和音樂介面的結合,觀賞者的身體既是「樂器」,同時也是「演奏者」。無論在視覺還是聽覺上,對觀賞者來說都是一個很有趣的演奏體驗。《影子豎琴》將於週末在《ifva 影像嘉年華》展出。詳情如下:

ifva 影像嘉年華
網站:ifva website

十如論壇 Integral Conversation 2016
August 19th, 2016
Website Work

We have created a website for Integral Conversation 2016. It is a forum organized by Esquel group, that brings experts from different industries together for a discussion on sustainable development.

The website features an animation built with HTML5 Canvas, showing separate dots that connect into lines, transforming into a globe in the end. It represents this year’s conference theme: individual countries coming together, making an collaborative effort to improve the world.

Design and development: pill & pillow
Visual identity: Stanley Wong

Visit Integral Conversation here


我們用 HTML5 Canvas 製作動畫,把獨立的點連成線,再匯聚成為地球的形狀,代表不同地區聯手為可持續發展出一分力,回應今年區域互通的主題。

設計及製作:pill & pillow
十如視覺系統:Stanley Wong


4A China Call for Entry 2016
August 18th, 2016
Website Work

We have created a call for entry mini-site for 4A China, which simulates the experience of talking to an AI persona, through preset dialogue that tells unique stories about top ad agencies in China.

The 3D AI character model is rendered with WebGL technology in real time.

The mini-site is designed to be viewed inside WeChat, but can be visited from normal mobile/desktop browsers.

Concept / Copywriting: Amber Shanghai
Design / Development / 3D animation: pill & pillow
Music and recording: tony&oni@sync music

Visit the 4A China Call for Entry website here

我們為中國 4A 金印獎設計作品徵求網站。網站模擬人工智能,透過數據和對話挑戰中國廣告界。

我們使用了WebGL 和 3D scanning技術,在手機上實時呈現 60 FPS 流暢度的動畫。

網站訪客以中國內地為主,大部分在 WeChat 內瀏覽,但也能在一般手機和桌面瀏覽器觀賞。

概念/文案:琥珀傳播 上海
設計/製作/3D動畫:pill & pillow
音樂/錄音:tony&oni@sync music


Harmonic Motion
July 29th, 2016
Website Work

We have created a mini-site for a special event organized by ifc, a leading shopping mall in Hong Kong. The exhibition features a large scale hand-knitted playground for people of all ages to enjoy, made by Japanese textile artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam.

Design and development: pill & pillow

Visit the Harmonic Motion website here

我們為 ifc 商場設計了全新活動網站,介紹紡織藝術家堀內紀子在香港製作的大型編織遊樂場「Harmonic Motion」。

網頁設計及製作:pill & pillow

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T · PARK [源 · 區] app
June 30th, 2016
App Work

We have designed a mobile app for T · PARK, a sludge treatment facility in Hong Kong open to the public for educational and recreational purposes.

The app introduces T · PARK through a lively illustrated map, which will be unlocked with more and more characters when QR codes across the facility are scanned, encouraging visitors to explore the facility on-site.

Design: pill & pillow
Unity development: pill & pillow
iOS and Android development: Innopage

我們為 T · PARK [源 · 區] 設計全新手機應用程式。T · PARK 是位於屯門稔灣的污泥處理中心,亦是推廣生態保育的教育休閒設施。

我們透過生動的動畫地圖介紹設施,並鼓勵參觀者實地探索,尋找 QR code 獲得隱藏貼紙和人物。

設計:pill & pillow
Unity 開發:pill & pillow
iOS 及 Android 開發:Innopage

T · PARK [源 · 區]
May 23rd, 2016
Website Work

We have designed the website for T · PARK, a sludge treatment facility in Hong Kong open to the public for educational and recreational purposes.

In Hong Kong, around 1200 tonnes of sludge is produced everyday as a byproduct of the sewage treatment process. T · PARK burns the sludge and reduces its volume by 90%. The electricity and water generated in the process goes back to sustain the facility’s operation.

Design and development: pill & pillow
Naming and visual identity: Milkxhake

Visit the T · PARK website here

我們為 T · PARK [源 · 區] 設計及製作全新網站。

T · PARK 是位於屯門稔灣的污泥處理中心,亦是推廣生態保育的教育休閒設施。

香港每天污水處理過程產生約 1200 噸污泥。T · PARK 利用焚化爐讓污泥體積減少九成,過程產生的電力和水則可以供應設施本身運作,自給自足。
網頁設計及製作:pill & pillow

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April 27th, 2016
Website Work

We have redesigned a responsive website for ifc, one of the iconic world-class shopping mall in Hong Kong. We decided to take an image driven approach to showcase the beauty of ifc. The website features an extensive shopping directory, dining directory, movie options and a tile based interactive floorplan.

Creative direction: pill & pillow and Stanley Wong
Design and front-end development: pill & pillow
Map illustration: Johnny Chan
Back-end development: WEEWUNGWUNG

Visit the ifc website here.